Beauty Club

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Managers Beauty Tips

Don’t go to bed with make-up on. Make-up left on overnight seeps into your pores, clogs them and congests your skin.
Exfoliate twice a week. After washing your face at night, use a delicate scrub. Exfoliating will remove those skin cells that are no longer useful and improve circulatory flow.

Keep a treatment and moisturizer on your face day or night. Put your skin first.

Treat your face gently. Never pull, tug or scrub your facial skin. Be very gentle when you clean and moisturize it .This will lessen the chance of you damaging your skin, getting wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

Let go of stress. Stress can show up on your face, no matter how well you take care of your skin. Your face reflects what’s going on inside your mind.

Skin Brushing / Dry Brush. Brushing your skin with a dry body brush is one of the best ways to clean your skin. It may feel kind of odd, but it is more effective than brushing your skin with a wet soapy brush or sponge.


A soothing tip for dry, stressed-out skin.Place some of your moisturizer in a micro-wavable bowl and heat for 5 seconds before you apply it. The heat helps the moisturizer penetrate faster and deeper into your skin for enhanced results.

Massage is good for relaxing, but it is also excellent for circulation, lymph drainage, toning and the removal of toxins.

Eyebrow tinting is great for fair skin and fair hair as it enhances the colour of your eyebrows and brings definition to your eyes and face.

Massage regularly from outside and around the eye area with moisturiser to help remove dark shadow and bags – this assists with lymphatic drainage around the eye area.

Only file your nails in one direction, otherwise it causes stress to the nail plate which causes breakages.

Lightly spraying a mist over a fully made-up face will set the make-up and keep it in place for longer – great for brides and nights out or those extra hours at the office!