Spa Experience

Our new facilities will transport you to another world, allowing you to take time away from the stresses of modern day living so what are you waiting for!

Spend time revitalising your body and clearing your mind with a Thermal Spa Experience which has seven relaxing features

Hydrotherapy Pool

A warm water pool with high pressure jets to help relax your mind and body.

Rock Sauna

A traditional sauna experience, where dry heat enhances the blood circulation while relaxing the muscles. Due to the heat in the room we would recommend a 5-10 minute visit.

Ice Chute

This unique refreshing experience in which you rub Ice flakes into the body helps stimulates the circulation, lymphatic and immune systems and can help eliminate cellulite.

Salt Inhalation Room

Inhale the natural sea salt steam which is reminiscent to the air on a tropical beach. The humid heat often enriched with essences (suitable for those with sensitive skin) helps calm the nervous system; relieve tension while softening the skin.

Aroma Steam Room

The floor of the room, benches and walls are all heated, incorporating aromatic vapours and a gentle flow of steam cleansing your body and clearing your mind.

Crystal Steam Room

The Crystallized Steam room awakens the body’s seven Chakras also known as ‘spiritual centres’ through a series of colour and light which is said to balance energies currently lacking from a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Heated bench

Relax on the heated bench and enjoy the warm feeling of the gentle radiant heat. This assists the blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and helps with relaxation and stress relief.

Experience showers

Ease yourself into your Heat and Ice Experience with a stimulating experience shower designed to heighten your senses with different types of water flow and mood lighting. The experience shower offers a wide range of features, which makes showering an experience in itself.